FC Tel Aviv season 2021-2022

  • Football Development

    Valid for one year
    • Training 4 times a week.
    • Games against top academies.
    • Development at a pro standard.
    • All Nike equipment.
    • Exposure to FC Malaga City Spain.
    • Exposure to many pro pathways.
    • Outside of football hours help and council.
    • VEO (https://www.veo.co/) recordings.
    • Social Media presence.
    • Training and guidance on creating an athletic video profile
  • Football + Education

    Valid for one year
    • Football Development Program.
    • MS or HS accredited education.
    • NCAA approved curriculum and clearing house support.
    • Standardized testing guidance and preparation
    • Concept coach support - online counselling and tutors
    • Paths to NCAA College programs.